Position Title: School Clinician
Reports to: Director of Counseling and Behavioral Health
FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt; part-time 20 hours per week
Apply to: Christy.Davila@westcountyservices.org

General Description:

This position provides school therapy services in the Counseling Department

Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the Director of Counseling and Behavioral Health/Clinical Supervisor and within the limits of the organization’s programs, policies, procedures and budget, counselor’s duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Providing weekly therapy to adolescent clients at Brook Haven Middle School as referred.
  2. Maintaining client records in a timely and accurate manner, including assessment and treatment planning information, progress notes, and case summaries. File all adjunctive paperwork appropriately.  
  3. Ensuring all legal and ethical requirements of the practice of Marriage and Family Therapy or Clinical Social Work are met.
  4. Maintaining an appreciation for and adherence to the professional role of therapist, including attention to legal and ethical obligations such as (but not limited to) maintaining confidentiality, regular scheduling of appointments, preparing clients for interruptions/changes in treatment, beginning and ending appointments on time, returning phone calls promptly.
  5. Attending Individual Supervision and Group Supervision as scheduled, and actively engaging in the supervisory process.
  6. Informing Director of Counseling and Behavioral Health/Clinical Supervisor of significant client case related issues in a timely fashion as needed.
  7. Completing parent phone calls at start and close of therapy treatment.
  8. Maintaining appropriate liaison with professional personnel within and outside of West County Community Services as relates to the clinical position.
  9. Completing and submitting all administrative paperwork in a timely fashion, including Data Sheets, Activity Logs, and Time sheets.
  10. Maintaining a spirit of cooperation with all organization staff to advance the goals of the organization and provide a high quality of service.
  11. Other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Master’s degree in the field of social work, counseling or psychology. Trainee  may be considered.
  2. Current registration with California BBS.
  1. Knowledge and /or experience of clinical issues related to child and adolescent  populations preferred.
  1. Demonstrate ability to work independently and cooperatively with others, and to work creatively with limited resources.
  2. Personal qualities including:
    1. The capacity to understand one’s own psychological issues, and the ability to prevent them from interfering with the practice of psychotherapy;
    2. The ability to recognize and reflect upon countertransference issues;
    3. Psychological-mindedness; the ability to hypothesize about the underlying meaning of behavior and communication;
    4. The ability to generate and develop, with the client, an attitude of mutual curiosity about the client’s patterns and difficulties, as well as about phenomena which occur within the therapeutic relationship.
    5. Interpersonal skills:  cooperates and collaborates effectively.  Displays a professional demeanor. Promotes a cohesive, team-oriented environment. Ability to work effectively with a wide range of personnel and clients in a diverse community.

Work Environment:

Office environment in Brook Haven Middle School campus

Physical Requirements:

Some sitting, stooping, bending, lifting may be required.  Visual, hearing and vocal skills are required. A current driver’s license and proof of insurance is required.

Other:  This is a clinical, part-time ___ hours per week position. Depending on hours worked per week, this position may not include health or retirement benefits, nor accrual of sick and/or vacation benefits.  The employee in this position is subject to the personnel policies of West County Community Services.


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