West County Community Services — Jobs

Shelter Aide

Under the direct super­vi­sion of the Shel­ter Shift Super­vi­sor, the Shel­ter Aide is respon­si­ble for assist­ing with client activ­i­ties and the deliv­ery of ser­vices dur­ing their shift at the emer­gency shel­ter. Shel­ter Aides help pro­vide a safe, sup­port­ive envi­ron­ment for shel­ter clients and ensure the over­all safe­ty of every­one in the shel­ter.

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Need a Summer Job?

Join our sum­mer crew! Work out­side, learn about the envi­ron­ment, con­tribute to your com­mu­ni­ty,
and have fun while you earn mon­ey.

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