We strengthen and empower individuals, families, and communities by providing access to critical social programs to at-risk and vulnerable populations.


Through the work of West County Community Services, all youth, adults, families and seniors in Sonoma County are afforded the opportunity to be resilient, informed and resourceful, emotionally well, and self-sufficient.


We value collaboration, compassion, diversity, flexibility, empowerment, equality, excellence, integrity, and respect in every thing we do and for everyone we serve.

Collaboration – We value and promote relationships, both internal and external to the agency, that are collaborate in nature in which all voices are heard and respected.

Compassion – We treat clients and co-workers with understanding, kindness and concern.

Diversity – We value the differences among people and believe that these differences enrich our workforce and lives.

Flexibility – We value the ability to respond to the needs of the community, create new and innovative ways to serve and respond quickly to emergencies.

Empowerment – We value the inherent dignity of each person and encourage the development and full utilization of each person’s unique abilities and resources.

Equality – We support fairness in personal and business practices as well as equal access to programs and services.

Excellence – We actively promote, encourage, and work toward excellence and effectiveness in all our services and programs.

Integrity – WCCS board and staff possess and steadfastly adhere to high ethical principles and professional standards in all that we do.