Russian River Empowerment Center

Russian River Empowerment Center

The Empowerment Center is currently closed because of the Shelter in Place order. We are providing virtual services via Facebook.

Facebook Events & Engagements

  • 11 am Daily Call-In Check-In
    • Every Monday through Thursday, Rena Morabe facilitates an opportunity for members to “check-in” with fellow peers, bringing to light their challenges, lessons they’ve learned and successes they’ve experienced between the last time they checked in and the present moment at hand. These calls are accessible through the “Free Conference Call” platform, enabling members to call-in from a land-line, cell phone, or online platform. 


  • Facebook Page Engagements
    • Publicly posted resource center for all peer and community-related resources, job opportunities, directions to accessing basic human essentials and a platform for other organizations to connect and refer to one another’s services.
  • 12 pm – Musings & Monologues Mondays
    • An amusing engagement encouraging members to reflect on themes pertaining to mental health, self-care, connectedness to human emotions and affirmations for . This invites members to participate by commenting on what they got out of the posting, the questions and “musings” that came up for them, and sharing those musings with the group.
  • 2 pm – Music & Movement Mondays
    • This is a fun way to share the depth and whimsy of music and movement, inviting members to get involved in a variety of ways to engage with music and/or movement for self-care, exploration into a genre they may not be familiar with, resources for music or movement opportunities that they can physically participate in and just empower peers to get their body moving.
  • 12 pm – Top Tips Tuesdays
    • These tips can include how-to’s in relationships to taking care of themselves, family members and friends during the present international crisis we are experiencing, tips for self-care and resources to connect with with a break-down of tips that they can implement in their lives to help motivate members to keep their spirits high and their focus clear. 
  • 2 pm – TED Talks Tuesdays
    • Curated TED seminars focusing on mental health, emotional health, and overall well-being. Members are invited to watch the talk and share what they gleaned from the content in the comments section, giving other peers the opportunity to share their own takeaways as well.
  • 12 pm – Where & What Writing Wednesdays
    • A relatively consistent list of writing prompts encouraging members to reflect on what they are grateful for, where they observed love in their lives, how they can do better in whatever ways would serve them in their life journey and an acknowledgment of whether or not they were focused on connection or disconnection during their day, bringing to their attention as to whether or not they are realizing that they are engaging with the outside world or if they are isolating and should reach out for support.
  • 2 pm – Whimsical Whatever Wednesdays
    • This fun activity opens up the floor to members to share whatever is going on with them in the present moment, whether they are watching a funny video, putting their feet up, or about the go for a run with their pet. Anything goes! 
  • 12 pm – Thought Therapy Thursdays
    • A relaxing activity inviting members to engage with an unguided meditation of substantial length to clear their mind of thoughts and give them permission to just Be for any length of time that they need to recharge. 
  • 2 pm – Three Things Thursdays
    • This activity opens up members to consider three things that may support them in their growth over the time that the Russian River Empowerment Center is “closed” to LIVE interactive engagements with members on Facebook.
  • Facebook Group Engagements
    • All members are welcome to post anything they want to share with the group, from whether they are in need of support or encouragement, to if they are in search of a resource that another member may know about that could be useful for the entire group.


Christy Davila, LMFT 102201
Director of Counseling and Behavioral Health
(707) 823-1640 ext 391
(530) 513-7832 (cell)