We are doing groups in-person and operating at 100% capacity.

Come Join Us! Wednesday, February 28, 2024 at 10:30am for our Forum about: 

How to Beat Procrastination

Open Studio: This space creates the opportunity to socialize with peers while expressing ourselves through working on individual and group projects. We have paints, spin art, collaging, sketching and drawing supplies. We have a number of musical instruments including a keyboard, bongos, and a guitar. You are also welcome to bring an acoustic instrument and art work in process. We also have games to play, such as Yahtzee (a big hit), bingo, clue, cards, scrabble and dominos – and we can always play charades, Pictionary and more!

Morning Check-In: We use this time to share announcements, check in about how we are doing, what we are looking forward to and what requests we may have for support for the day.

Calming Our Anxiety: We gather to better understand anxiety, and explore different types and causes of anxiety. We discuss a spectrum of anxious feelings, from that manifested within ourselves and our thoughts, to reactions to certain surroundings. We explore many different ways to diffuse our feelings of extreme unease and anxiety.

Positive Thinking:
Positive Thinking or an optimistic attitude is the practice of focusing on the good in any given situation. It can have a big impact on our physical and mental health.Peer Discussion: Please join us as we pick a topic or two and share our insights with each other. If you would like, bring a topic you would like to discuss and/or present to the group.

Next Steps: This is a time where we look into what next steps we may want to consider taking on our life and recovery journeys. We invite folks to share ideas, challenges, goals, etc. and we look into resources that may be helpful to us along our way.

Monthly Forum: Usually held on the last Wednesday of the month, we will be highlighting opportunities and resources in the community related to education, employment and more.

Afternoon Check-In: This gives us an opportunity to check-in about how our day has gone, what we may be planning, etc.

Self-Acceptance, Mindfulness & More: Self-understanding and acceptance are important components of a strong foundation for us to move forward on our recovery journeys. Please join us as we set our intentions to mindfully explore, understand and build upon the value of our uniqueness.
Mindful Moments: Please join us as we look into mindfulness techniques and tools that can be of support to us on our recovery journeys.