By Christo­pher Oak Reinier

We could adopt a creek. They’re already doing that.

We want to get us some recog­ni­tion.

Could go around, clean the streets, plant flow­ers.

What would you like to see done here?

Sell our art. Who gets the mon­ey? Good ques­tion.

Num­ber one: We can’t let this place become almost a flop house.

We need to come here to engage, not just to flop in a cor­ner.

Need to hear one per­son at a time.

Organ­ic gar­den­ing, I’ll be glad to be involved with that.

Not just to waste time here, check in, say what we want to do.

Have a lit­tle more struc­ture?

Come in, say who we are, what we want to do. Gives us incen­tive to do it.

I love the free­dom here. I can do what I want to do.

Bot­tom line is: what is our mis­sion? What I think. We’re here to learn cop­ing skills, how to be in a com­mu­ni­ty skills.

Okay, and we’re all peers. Staff isn’t up there and mem­bers down here. Each of us need to learn what we need, fig­ure out how to con­tribute, take respon­si­bil­i­ty for doing what we want to do.

We’re on the same lev­el, we work togeth­er.  We don’t say, oh, if the staff doesn’t do it, then… what? No, we work it togeth­er.

And we’re being mind­ful here, gen­tle, remind­ing our peers of what we stand for.

We’re all in the same boat.