By Christopher Oak Reinier

We could adopt a creek. They’re already doing that.

We want to get us some recognition.

Could go around, clean the streets, plant flowers.

What would you like to see done here?

Sell our art. Who gets the money? Good question.

Number one: We can’t let this place become almost a flop house.

We need to come here to engage, not just to flop in a corner.

Need to hear one person at a time.

Organic gardening, I’ll be glad to be involved with that.

Not just to waste time here, check in, say what we want to do.

Have a little more structure?

Come in, say who we are, what we want to do. Gives us incentive to do it.

I love the freedom here. I can do what I want to do.

Bottom line is: what is our mission? What I think. We’re here to learn coping skills, how to be in a community skills.

Okay, and we’re all peers. Staff isn’t up there and members down here. Each of us need to learn what we need, figure out how to contribute, take responsibility for doing what we want to do.

We’re on the same level, we work together.  We don’t say, oh, if the staff doesn’t do it, then… what? No, we work it together.

And we’re being mindful here, gentle, reminding our peers of what we stand for.

We’re all in the same boat.