A typical morning at West County Community Services

By Gam Caldwell, MS & MA, Employment Services Specialist.


I was working with a SonomaWORKS client helping her craft a resume and cover letter to attach to an email in order to apply for a job.  She was working hard when the Receptionist came by and said that a local man, a resident of one of the housing projects in Guerneville was “confused and needed some help”.  I excused myself from the SonomaWORKS client and went up to the reception area.

I met an elderly, formerly homeless gentleman who is beginning to experience memory loss.  He has dropped by on a monthly basis for over a year because he cannot remember to whom or to where he sends his rent.  Over a year ago, we made up a confidential folder for him with all of that information in it.  I was able to quickly provide him with the name and address.  He is always so grateful.

While I was helping the older gentleman, one of the seniors who has been in the Senior Computer classes for the past year came in and needed help.  She is 78 years old.  She stated that she had, “Lost her Google.”  Since I have been working with her for almost a year, I understood what she meant.  She had, somehow, deleted Firefox from her Laptop, which she had purchased online during one of the Senior Computer classes.  Google was her home page.  I easily showed her how to download and install Firefox.

After she left, I returned to working with my SonomaWORKS client.

This little anecdote describes almost every day at WCCS.

I love my job.