Housing Services

WCCS master leases property and makes it available to qualified individuals. We manage the property, offer support services with individual case plans for residents in need of social and conflict management skills, employment, medical attention, financial guidance, and other resources to help them maintain stable housing and to improve their well-being. We manage several West County housing programs in Guerneville and Sebastopol, including Park Village in Sebastopol,  Mill Street Supportive Housing in Guerneville, Petaluma Avenue Homes, and the West County Winter Shelter, as well as the Rapid Re-housing program for the lower Russian River.

Rapid Re-housing

WCCS Rapid Re-Housing is part of a grant-funded effort to reduce homelessness in the lower Russian River area. Through financial assistance and supportive services, WCCS Rapid Re-Housing program assists families and individuals in becoming stably housed and financially self-sufficient. Contact Rapid Re-housing Case Manager Erica Azimov at erica.azimov@westcountyservices.org or (707) 889-3411

Park Village

Park Village is a joint venture with the City of Sebastopol, WCCS, and the Group of Advocates (a voluntary organization concerned about the homeless). In this unique program, WCCS will place eight mobile living units in the Park to provide homes for chronically homeless families and individuals. The project is supported by the City of Sebastopol and private donors. In addition to the new living units, WCCS is providing case management and supportive services to the 65 current extremely low and very low income residents of the Park: connections to employment, health, education, and will use its broad range of human services and partnerships to increasingly integrate the park and its residents into the broader community.

Karla Fittipaldi LMFT 100687

Case Manager
Park Village
6665 Sebastopol Ave
Sebastopol CA 95472

Mill Street Housing, Guerneville

West County Community Services opened this home in 2013 to provide permanent, supportive housing to 8 chronically homeless adults with disabilities. Each adult has an individual bedroom and shares the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry facilities, and yard. WCCS manages the house and provides a wide variety of support services and case management to help residents meet their medical, financial and other personal needs. The services have successfully helped the residents improve the quality of their lives and maintain a stable housing situation.

Petaluma Avenue Homes, Sebastopol

West Coast Community Services provide support programs for residents of 44 apartments and townhomes clustered around common facilities on Petaluma Avenue in Sebastopol. On-site support services include referrals for food, medical, financial, employment, social and educational opportunities and other resources for the residents.

Fife Creek Commons, Guerneville

West County Community Services provides supportive services for residences in this 47-unit affordable housing development. WCCS assists these residents with referrals for food, employment, crisis support, medical, financial, and other services that help them maintain their homes and enjoy a better quality of life. WCCS also focuses on helping the residents with the process of living together, offering social and communication skills training as well as conflict resolution in order to live with others in these more supportive situations.

Crisis Services

West County Community Services offers crisis assistance for individuals and families in the West County Area who have emergency financial needs, such as help with one month’s rent or deposit, a utility bill, or other critical human needs. WCCS offers brief solution-focused interventions, information, resources, and referral.


Dannielle Danforth
Director of Housing and Homeless Services
West County Community Services
(707) 823-1640 x115

Erica Azimov
Rapid Re-housing Case Manager
(707) 889-3411

Paulette Hall
Park Village Case Manager
(707) 867-9016.

Better Housing Means Better Health in Sebastopol

Monica and her husband and two children moved into Park Village in June. They never imagined they would lack housing. Both parents had stable employment and lived happily in Graton for 4 years. When their landlord gave them 60 days to move, they had no idea how their lives would change.

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Park Village Wish List

We have purchased a new community building for our homeless housing project in Sebastopol, Park Village. It will be used to provide a meeting room, community center, computer and training facility, and an office for our Case Manager. We could...

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Sheds for Hope

Here are a few photos of our CCP Crisis Counselors building Sheds for Hope in Santa Rosa this week. 100 sheds were built for people who lost their homes. CCP is a FEMA-funded program to help folks impacted by last year's...

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Explaining the Housing First Model

Like many communities up and down the West Coast, Sonoma County is experiencing very high rates of homelessness. In discussions of solutions for this issue, you’ll often hear the term “Housing First.”

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Pat Jones Helps Our Unhoused Neighbors

Pat Jones has had the kind of experience necessary to manage the WCCS Emergency Shelter for the homeless in Guerneville. She has been doing outreach work for homeless veterans for twenty years.

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Park Village Housing Project Success Story

WCCS has housed its first four previously homeless families in quality used RVs in Sebastopol’s Park Village. Two additional RV’s are now on site and already identified families or individuals will move in by mid-November. Park Village is a joint venture with the City...

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