Youth Programs

West County Community Services, in partnership with Sonoma County Human Services, offers educational and employment assistance to youth, aged 16 to 24, in West Sonoma County. Our programs have helped many at-risk young people find a path to self-sufficiency and self-esteem.


We have licensed therapists providing therapy for students at Laguna, Brook Haven Middle School, and Guerneville Elementary. 


Christy Davila, LMFT
Director of Counseling and Behavioral Health
707-823-1640 ext 391



instagram_app_large_may2016_200West County Community Services, through the Youth Education and Employment Service (YEES) program, assists disadvantaged youth, ages 16 – 24, to make a successful transition to adulthood and to further education and employment opportunities. WCCS offers help with such issues as career choices, job search, submitting applications, resume writing, developing reference lists, managing interviews, and work-related skills. If more education or training is necessary, WCCS offers aid in applying to training schools and colleges. Opportunities for temporary work experience and volunteer service are provided to help prepare youth for full-time employment. Check out our YEES Instagram feed.

Emily Heinzelman, Director of Senior Services and Employment Services
(707) 823-1640 ext. 403

Summer Jobs for Youth

West County Community Services and the Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps provides youth and young adults with meaningful paid work experience:

  • Working with and learning about the environment
  • Getting an edge on your job search with valuable work experience
  • Earning money while making your community a better place
  • Working with motivated peers. West County Community Services can place you in a crew of your peers, pay you a fair wage, and even, thanks to a generous donor, provide you with your work-day lunches

Emily Heinzelman, Director of Operations
(707) 823-1640 ext. 123

Helping Young Adults to Independence

West County Community Services can assist youth and young adults in finding work and becoming independent:

  • Helping you plan for the future and set goals
  • Assisting you in your job search
  • Helping you with your job applications, resumes, and interviews
  • Helping you make career explorations
  • Referring you, if you choose, to alternative education, GED, and vocational training
  • Assisting you in applying to trade schools or colleges, obtaining financial aid, and housing
  • Helping you learn independent living skills
  • Linking you to supportive services

Emily Heinzelman, Director of Operations
(707) 823-1640 ext. 123


Support for Families at Local Schools

WCCS is providing a continuum of family support services to support families with children ages 4-15 at three West County locations. Free services with a Family Liaison Counselor, or a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist are offered to increase access to local...

Summer Adventures

Here are pictures from our recent WCCS Summer Youth Adventures trip to San Francisco. We walked to Chinatown and shopped, stayed at the International Hostel on Fort Mason, and then spent the next day at the Wharf and Pier 39.

Adventures for Kids 2019

Sponsored by:  West County Community Services Sonoma Raceway Speedway Children's Charities For the last 28 years Adventures for Kids, a summer recreation and family support program, has provided West County youth and families with many opportunities to explore nature,...