Youth Programs Blog

Summer Jobs for 16-24

Looking for a cool summer job? The Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps is a program looking for young people who want to earn money while working outside and learning about the environment.

Adventures for Kids 2018

For the last 27 years Adventures for Kids, a summer recreation and family support program has provided West County youth and families with many opportunities to explore nature, develop friendships, create new experiences, and just plain relax and HAVE FUN! Come join...

Wine Country Fire Community Support

For Sonoma County residents displaced by the fires and re-locating to West County, West County Community Services stands ready to provide the following support to our neighbors in need:

Free Youth Employment Workshop Series

West County Community services presents a free youth employment workshop series. These workshops take place Wednesday October through December, from 4-5 p.m. at the WCCS offices.

Youth Corps Upgrades Guerneville School Garden

A crew of youth associated with West County Community Services and the Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps recently upgraded the Guerneville School Garden. Sonoma West reporter, Frank Robertson, describes the work.