Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps gar­dens at Guerneville School

Pic­tured (from left to right) are Guerneville School gar­den coor­di­na­tor Richelle Stoufer, Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps crew mem­bers Fran­cis­co Vig­il, Adam Skyler Turn­er, Ver­non Swart, Mad­er­ick Sam­pas and Tim­o­thy Jones, and Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps crew co-coor­di­na­tor Alex Tem­ple­ton from the Sono­ma Coun­ty Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps.

A crew of youth asso­ci­at­ed with West Coun­ty Com­mu­ni­ty Ser­vices and the Sono­ma Coun­ty Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps (pic­tured above in the Sono­ma West Times and News) recent­ly upgrad­ed the Guerneville School Gar­den. Sono­ma West reporter, Frank Robert­son, described the work:

A Sono­ma Coun­ty Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps crew dug ditch­es, installed water pipes and built planter beds in the Guerneville School gar­den last week thanks to a $1,500 grant from the Sebastopol Rotary Club.

It was a large job,” said Richelle Stoufer, the Guerneville School Gar­den facil­i­ta­tor who lined up the Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps work­ers through West Coun­ty Com­mu­ni­ty Ser­vices, the Guerneville-based non­prof­it.

I signed up for a week” for a Youth Corps work crew’s help, said Stoufer, who was direct­ing the gar­den improve­ment effort last week along­side Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps crew coor­di­na­tor Alex Tem­ple­ton.

The school gar­den project, now in its 12th year, offers Guerneville School stu­dents an edu­ca­tion­al oppor­tu­ni­ty to study every­thing from life cycles to math and sci­ence while “get­ting their hands in the dirt,” said Stoufer.

The school gar­den is now pro­vid­ing fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles for the school cafe­te­ria, which puts the har­vest of the month on the school’s cafe­te­ria menu.

The five youth ecol­o­gy corps­men on the job last week were also learn­ing job skills and earn­ing mon­ey for their work installing plumb­ing and build­ing 10 gar­den beds.


There are 80 Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps crews work­ing in Sono­ma Coun­ty, earn­ing mon­ey while work­ing out­side learn­ing about the envi­ron­ment and acquir­ing job skills, said Tem­ple­ton.


The Sono­ma Coun­ty Youth Ecol­o­gy Corps pro­gram employs youth peo­ple from ages 16 to 24 who typ­i­cal­ly work in the sum­mer four days a week, six hours a day at project hosts sites.


They make at least min­i­mum wage, learn inter­view and resume’-writing and sup­ply phys­i­cal labor. “We give them the means to be employ­able,” said Tem­ple­ton.


Guerneville’s True Val­ue Hard­ware Store also donat­ed sup­port and mate­ri­als for the gar­den effort.


by Frank Robert­son Sono­ma West Staff Writer


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