By Vivian Diaz

Over twenty local youth participated in the River Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, held Saturday, March 11, at the El Molino High School Gym in Forestville. IMG_3141 - CopyYouth from all backgrounds played in a total of four 7 minute games against one another. The fifth and final game was determined by the number of wins each team had. The last round lasted 10 minutes.

They began play by the sound of music playing overhead and ended each match when the music ended. Whistles, laughter, and smiles were all over the Gym. All players were given participation awards along with some fun goodies and treats.

The teams that placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd earned themselves gift cards to Target. 1st Place went to the North Bay Shifters, a group of El Molino Seniors. 2nd place went to Mac and Trees, a group of educators in Americorps. 3rd place went to The Kool aide Jammer, our youngest team of El Molino students.

At the 1st intermission in the games, El Molino Dance Company and Cheer Team put on a wonderful performance for the audience.

At the 2nd intermission, a half-court shoot off occurred, and 1st prize went to Elizabeth Callagy. Each team had to choose one player from their team to shoot, each participant got 3 attempts. Elizabeth was the last to shoot her third shot, after no one else had made it, and she made her final shot winning the California Republic ball and $5 prize. Elizabeth is an El Molino alumni, class of 2011.

Finally, after awards were given to all the teams, there were about 30 extra minutes left for our time in the gym. In that time, the players and volunteers had open gym play time. It was a true community event full of local youth playing and having fun together. All players and volunteers were given free food and drinks for their sportsmanship and contributions to the 1st annual River Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament.

River Hoops Team Roster

1ST PLACE: North Bay Shifters Team

pic of North Bay Shifters

North Bay Shifters

–         Kahleo Daly

–         Jordan Kerkuliet

–         Eric-Nills Carlson

–         Ricky Valdez

2ND  PLACE: Mac and Trees

pic of Mac and Trees BB team

Mac and Trees

–         Drew Stone

–         TJ, Trevor Johnson

–         Mac

3RD PLACE: Koolaide Jammers

–         Jalen Hall

–         Gabe Pineda

pic of Koolaide Jammers bb team

Koolaide Jammers

–         Ryan Rogers

–         Diego Valdez

–         LoganWheeler

4TH PLACE: Knuckleheads

–         Ty Skoglund

–         Cameron Spooner

–         Connor Gieseke

5TH  PLACE: Prospects – Piner High School

pic of the Prospects BB team

The Prospects

–         Daisah Shepard

–         Lizeth Zavala

–         Lizbeth Zavala

–         McKenna Chantha

6TH  PLACE: The Chickens

–         SieraTaylor

–         Kaity Gentry

–         Elizabeth Callagy

pic of the Chicks

The Chicks


River Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament was made possible by the following volunteers and contributors, many thanks and appreciations go to:

The Chantha Family: Philena Chantha, Xisay Chantha, Michael, Drew, Jared, Casey, Cameron, McKenna. Thank you for the following: referee, snack bar, score keeping, and participation.

Art Diaz: Financial Donor

Keith Nordby: Gym set up

Timothy Jones: Set- Volunteer/Front Door

El Molino Dance Company and Cheer Team: Half Time Show

Aaron Berner: Volunteer referee, round robin coordinator, and ball donation.

Mederick Sampas: Set-Up Volunteer/RaffleTicket Sales

Calvin Arterberry: Set-Up Volunteer/RaffleTicket Sales

Alo Castano: Volunteer Referee

Vivian Diaz and Paulette Hall: River Hoops Coordinators

pic of vivian and paulette

Vivian and Paulette , They Made It Happen!

the crowd at the BB gameIMG_3221 - Copy

IMG_3192 - Copy (2)