By Christopher Oak Reinier

    For the last four months WCCS staff have been working out of temporary offices at the east end of Main Street in Guerneville, and sometimes at other hospitable locations, such as the Senior Center. They have learned they will be able to move back in September to their regular offices in the old Bank of America building on Main Street.  Assuming work goes as expected.

    At their May staff meeting, they reported to each other about the work they have been doing despite the inconvenience of their temporary working conditions.  Among the highlights:

    Gam has completed a resource guide that will be available at the front desk for people stopping in with questions about where food can be found, shelter, medical assistance, help with applications for work, a phone, a computer, a bus pass, a place to hang out, friendly company.

    Paulette has been named Senior Case Manager at the Park Village project in Sebastopol. She will be coordinating meetings for WCCS supportive service providers and case managers regarding available resources and supportive techniques.

    The Park Village project will be providing permanent housing for previously homeless or precariously housed individuals in the Sebastopol area. Four trailers or RV’s have already been donated to the project, which prioritizes assistance to families with children.  Rob is trying to find four more mobile living units. Donation of that trailer or RV that never really gets used anymore can be a good tax write-off and a valuable home to a single mother with a child.

    Dannielle is hoping to find a 2 B.R. house at “fair market” rent in the Russian River area in order to make it available to chronically homeless individuals. What does not appear at this time to be feasible to do for many individuals at once by creating a large housing complex, WCCS is trying to get done one person at a time.

    Thanks to the donations and work of Vet Connect in Guerneville, the Empowerment Center now has raised vegetable gardens. They will be much appreciated by the cooks at the Center.  Miller Phoenix will be joining the staff full time next month.  Among her many offerings, particularly in art therapy, she will be serving food at the “Lunch Club” every Wednesday.

    Progress completing the permit process is being made on the new kitchen for the Senior Center. The Center sponsored a Sonoma County Museum trip on May 18th, a CHP driving class on May 23rd, which had full attendance, and is offering a Graton Casino Field Trip on May 30th.   The Center offers free hair-cuts every Tuesday, discounted Golf at Northwood on Wednesdays, Bocce Ball at the Center on Wednesdays, and so much more.  The Northwood Mens Golf Club made a $2000 dollar donation to the Center this month, money it earned in a Crab Feed Fundraiser for the Center last January.

     After five years, Jennifer has finally placed one of her high school clients, with special needs, in a job. Phillip, while providing supportive services to about 100 low-income living units, has helped one of the residents obtain his citizenship.  It is one person at time.