A family of three is living in their broken car and they cannot afford a tow to the auto shop where they have a warranty for the repair. A mother and seven year old are sleeping in their van near school. Mom has an offer for a full time job but has no gas to take her son to school or drive to work. The immediate solutions are simple: $200 for the tow to the repair shop and a night in a hotel while repaired; $100 for gas and four discounted nights in a local motel while a WCCS Case Manager locates an apartment mom can now afford with the new job.

Trauma can be minimized through immediate, short-term solutions. Housing, food, clothing, and employment services are often available, but can be difficult to enter and hard to navigate. The Crisis Support Program focuses on bridging families in crisis to longer-term solutions through immediate support and a longer-term plan.

With your help, through the WCCS Crisis Support Program, we can provide the first step for families like these back to safety, stability and independence.