By Christopher Oak Reinier

West County Community Services is readying three living units, mobile homes, donated to house chronically homeless individuals and families in the Sebastopol area. The units are located in the mobile home Park Village. Two of the units are to be opened in October.

Park Village is located just east of the City of Sebastopol on Highway 12. It currently has 65 low-income residents.  WCCS will have a full-time Case Manager providing supportive services to the new residents as well as to the current residents of the Park.

WCCS, will also have a full time Park Manager living at the Park and managing the property.  The supportive housing program for the chronically homeless is a WCCS joint venture with the City of Sebastopol and the Group of Advocates, a voluntary group of people concerned about the homeless.

Ex-County Supervisor, Ernie Carpenter, volunteered on a day early in October to power-wash the exteriors of the units, while others made necessary repairs.pic of carlos repairing tailer roof   pic of rob milton working on trailer   

Paulette cleans trailer