By Christo­pher Oak Reinier

West Coun­ty Com­mu­ni­ty Ser­vices is ready­ing three liv­ing units, mobile homes, donat­ed to house chron­i­cal­ly home­less indi­vid­u­als and fam­i­lies in the Sebastopol area. The units are locat­ed in the mobile home Park Vil­lage. Two of the units are to be opened in Octo­ber.

Park Vil­lage is locat­ed just east of the City of Sebastopol on High­way 12. It cur­rent­ly has 65 low-income res­i­dents.  WCCS will have a full-time Case Man­ag­er pro­vid­ing sup­port­ive ser­vices to the new res­i­dents as well as to the cur­rent res­i­dents of the Park.

WCCS, will also have a full time Park Man­ag­er liv­ing at the Park and man­ag­ing the prop­er­ty.  The sup­port­ive hous­ing pro­gram for the chron­i­cal­ly home­less is a WCCS joint ven­ture with the City of Sebastopol and the Group of Advo­cates, a vol­un­tary group of peo­ple con­cerned about the home­less.

Ex-Coun­ty Super­vi­sor, Ernie Car­pen­ter, vol­un­teered on a day ear­ly in Octo­ber to pow­er-wash the exte­ri­ors of the units, while oth­ers made nec­es­sary repairs.pic of carlos repairing tailer roof   pic of rob milton working on trailer   

Paulette cleans trailer