By Christopher Oak Reinier


Agencies like West County Community Services have what might be called an Agency’s New Year. It’s the beginning of the new Fiscal Year, when old budgets scratch their beards and turn away and new budgets with all their innocence and promise are born.

The Empowerment Center has been settling in for the new year with some changes in the staff. Christy Davila, the new WCCS Director of Counseling and Behavioral Health, will be overseeing the Center. Valerie Bellotte will be the Manager of the Center; Miller Phoenix, the Program Coordinator.

pic of Valerie Belotte

Valerie, The Manager

With the help of other staff members and volunteers, they have introduced several new activities. On Mondays, Paul’s Men’s Group and Miller’s group, “Imagine You”, focused on improving self-image, will meet at the Center. A group from the Center will also participate in river cleanup with the Clean River Alliance.

pic of Miller Phoenix

Miller, the Program Coordinator

On Tuesdays, the Book Club, Yoga, and Airbrush Art with Peter will continue. On Wednesdays a new group will work in the garden, harvest food from it, prepare meals from the produce, and eat thereof. Thursday afternoons will be dedicated to new and ongoing art projects, with guest artists.

Adria, Program Assistant

A coast field trip is planned for Thursday, the 13th.

pic of girl named Cat with vacuum

Cat getting it clean

The Center will be changing the times it will be active. It will be open now from Monday through Thursday each week. Its hours will also be different. The Center will open from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday.

Peter with the air brush

As the garden is coming to new life, so is the Empowerment Center. There’s a fresh and promising energy. It’s a new year at the Center where each day is a new opportunity to improve the quality of life.

The Empowerment Center is located at 14520 Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville.  Phone: 707 823-1640 ext 404