By Christo­pher Oak Reinier

Mederick Sampas, can type really fast with two fingers, necessary because of difficulty he has using his whole hands. He’s an artist with a special aptitude for reconstructing wireless devices to create new connections.  And he is teaching himself computer animation. To see a video animation which he has created, Click HERE.

Mederick is a graduate of the Sonoma County Youth Ecology Corps administered by West County Community Services.  He needed work when he graduated from El Molino High School, had heard about the program from some school friends.

A year later, he is employed at the Guerneville Safeway on evening shifts, a job which he got by asking the manager over and over and over again for work. “I just kept going back until she finally hired me.” 

Now he has also been hired for afternoon shifts as the receptionist at the front desk of WCCS main office in Guerneville.

Ever since I started with the Youth Corp, I’ve always loved this company. There’s never been any B.S., always respecting me for who I am, friendly and nice, and now I’ve got this job here, and I love it, and I can help the agency.”