Jeannette Parros, New WCCS Senior Case Manager

What kind of training qualifies one to be the Senior Case Manager at West County Community Services?  Growing up on a 2000 acre ranch in New Mexico? Studying at the University New Mexico and becoming a Dental Hygienist? Helping to manage a mortgage company in Ventura, California? Becoming a paralegal in Colorado? Working in a Hispanic Ad agency? Being employed at Sprint in business development? Raising three children? Performing throughout the West with her husband in theatrical productions he has written and produced? Attending a Bible College and becoming an ordained Chaplain? Working for 10 years in Hospice? Managing an independent living community with 115 living units in Napa?

Imagine the experience, the skills connecting with the variety of people which that background would give to a person who has a compassionate heart and a strong, bright and generous spirit.  Such a one is Jeannette Parros, and West County Community Services is glad to welcome her as the new Senior Case Manager.

Jeannette will be replacing Paulette Hall who has been appointed Senior Case Manager at Park Village in Sebastopol. Jeannette’s new job will be to assist west county seniors find the resources they need to live safely and independently. 

“I want to help people who need help. That’s just who I am.”

Stop by the Senior Center and give yourself the pleasure of meeting Jeannette, the new WCCS Senior Case Manager, especially if you are or you know a senior who needs an uplifting and compassionate helping hand.