Joe wins the Grand Prize

By Christopher Oak Reinier

        Out by the road a lady in a tattered dress sat on a bench talking and gesturing in an anxious way to no one in particular. She didn’t hassle the people coming into the Derby Day Party, just sat there very agitated and talking to herself. The people had come to show off their hats, listen to music, drink mint juleps, visit with each other, wager playfully and watch The Kentucky Derby Race on the big screen in the Rio Theater. But the real reason they had come was to donate money to support the work of West County Community Services, the work it does for the more vulnerable and less advantaged in our community. The services the Agency provides include counseling, shelter, food, employment resources, educational and social support for the unemployed, the homeless, at-risk youth, low-income Seniors — people sometimes sitting outside…

        While the hats were judged, the mint juleps tasted, the music enjoyed, the race won, Michelle at the reception table went out and asked the lady whether she would like some food. Yes, she said, and Michelle got her a plate of the good food.  The lady settled down as she ate. It was obvious she had been very hungry.

        It’s how it is.

pic of best theme hat on lady

With a horse on the top and roses on the brim, best hat on the theme

pic of outrageous hat with bottle on top and corks on the brim

Most outrageous hat with bottle on top and corks on the brim

pic of lady with glamorous hat

The Most Glamorous Hat

pic of winner of bet on horse race

She picked the winner!

pic of gam and michelle

Gam and Michelle at the reception table

pic of Debra Johnson

Director Debra Johnson