By Christopher Oak Reinier

The WCCS Empowerment Center is a peer-managed center providing a place for individuals with a history of behavioral issues to find food, friendship, and family-like care. The Center offers members the use of phone, computer, T.V., and couch for talk or a time-out.

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A staff of peers provides lunch, organizes activities, such as yoga, book club, radio-show production, field trips, and especially art activities, such as air-brushing, guest artist instruction, and a Thursday afternoon open-art studio.

See the August Calendar of Activities at the Empowerment Center

There is a daily check-in group, a weekly men’s group with Paul, an “Imagine You” group with Miller, a weekly group with a licensed Therapist, Stella Monday, who also meets by appointment with individual members.


It is a place to meet others who have had similar issues with life, where problems can be shared, and the burden of carrying on alone can be relieved.

The staff offers guidance and resources to members to help them solve their daily problems, often the kinds of problems that come with homelessness.

The Empowerment Center is not just a drop-in center.  While it can be a refuge from the street and a place for relaxation, it focuses on work and play which will help members improve the quality of their lives.

If you think this is a place that would help you by offering friendship, helpful resources, and the opportunity to better your life, you are invited to visit and become a member during the hours of 11:30 to 4:30 Monday through Thursday. The Center is located next to the Community Church at 14520 Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville.

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If you think you can donate materials or money or some kind of helpful volunteer time to the work of the Center, please also stop by for a visit.

And ask for Valerie, Adria, Miller, or Cat. They help everyone there make it happen.



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