Over the past 12 months, through its Rapid Re-housing (RRH) program, WCCS has housed 36 formerly homeless adults and children from the Russian River Area, as well as helping another 36 adults and children from becoming homeless. Each person’s story is unique, but the path to survival and success often begins with housing.

Michelle’s is a story of struggle and success. She had been homeless on and off for over 10 years. Prior to her homelessness, she was a mother, an Olympic skier, a stunt skier, and a model. After a severe accident left her with brain damage, she tried to continue to live her life, remarried and had another child. When that relationship ended in domestic violence, Michelle went back to live with her mom. She ultimately left home and became homeless living on the streets of Guerneville and in shelters. Earlier this year, Michelle received a Santa Rosa HUD voucher. WCCS’s RRH Case Manager and Housing Locator worked with Michelle and her mother to help find her housing and assist with her deposit.

Michelle is now living in a studio apartment and is continuing to work with our Case Manager to help her stabilize and maintain her housing. This has not been an easy climb, but Michelle says she is grateful for a new home and is looking forward to creating a new beginning for herself.