For the last 27 years Adventures for Kids, a summer recreation and family support program has provided West County youth and families with many opportunities to explore nature, develop friendships, create new experiences, and just plain relax and HAVE FUN! Come join us in 2018. Sponsored by West County Community Services and Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit. Download the application form below.

June Schedule

  • June 18 First trip to the Ocean Leave Guerneville School at 10:30 return at 5 pm Playing and relaxing. Ages 9-15 Group limit 13 Bring layered clothing, lunch and drink, swim clothes, towel and sunscreen.
  • June 19 Morton’s Warm Springs Leave Guerneville school at 10:30 am and return at 6 pm. Ages 9-15. Group limit 13. Bring; lunch and drink and spending money for snacks. Bring swim suit, towel and sunscreen..
  • June 25 Boating at Spring Lake Leave Guerneville school 10:30 am and return 6 pm. Boating & swimming. Ages:10-15.Group limit: 13. Bring: Lunch and drink, swim wear, sun protection, towel, money to rent tubes and buy snacks.
  • June 26 Beach Hang Out Play, make sand creatures, relax and have fun. Leave Guerneville school at 10:30 am and return 5:00 pm Ages: 9-16, Group limit: 13. Bring: Lunch and drink, towel, extra clothing, sunscreen.

July Schedule

  • July 2 &3 Overnight at Ft. Mason Youth Hostel 7/2 Shopping & Out to Dinner in China Town. 7/3 Pier 39 shopping & lunch. Leave Guerneville school on 7/2 11:30 am- return on 7/3 at 4:30 Ages: 12 to 16, Group limit: 10 Bring: Pack with lunch & drink for 7/2 and $ 20. for dinner. Wear layered clothing, bring spending money for shopping both days. Bring a lunch potluck item for 7/3 lunch.
  • July 9 Swimming at Ridgeway Swim Center Leave Guerneville School at 11:00 return at 5 pm. Swim in pool & play on the water slide. Ages; 9-15 Group limit 13. Bring lunch and drink. Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and money for snacks.
  • July 10 Kayaking on the Russian River Leave Kings Sport at 10 am return at 5 pm. Kayaking from Guerneville to Monte Rio and swim at Monte Rio beach. Ages: 10-15. Group limit 8. Bring: Big Lunch, water, towel, sunscreen and water shoes, tennis shoes or strap on sandals ( sign up early.)
  • July 16 July Bowling, Dinner, and Movie. Leave Guerneville school at 10 am and return at 7 pm Ages 9-15.
    Group limit 13. Bring Lunch and a drink and $15.00 for dinner at Pieology. Must have a coupon from www. can be on phone. ( Can help with coupon)
  • July 17 Chillin at the Ocean. Leave Guerneville at 10:30 return 5 pm. Ages 9-14. Bring towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, lunch.
  • July 23 Epicenter Fun & Exercise Leave Guerneville school at 10:00 return at 3:30 Bowling, Laser Tag, Trampolines and a Ride on the Dark Ride. Ages 9- 16 Group limit 20. EXTRA DRIVER AND CHAPERONE NEEDED. Bring $7.00 for lunch and extra spending money if you want. Wear comfortable clothing.
  • July 30 Kickin it at Johnsons Beach meet at Johnson’s at 11 am leave 5:30 Bring lunch & drink or money for food. Towel and sunscreen

August Schedule

  • August 2. Fun day at the Fair. Leave Guerneville school at 10 am and return 7:00 pm Ages: 10-15. Group limit: 13. Bring $30.00 for all day bands. Money for food, or bring a bag lunch and drink.
  • August 7 & 8 Camping & Horseback riding at Samuel P. Taylor. Leave Guerneville school at10 am on 8/7 return 8/8 at 9 pm Ages: 10-16, Group limit: 10. Bring Daypack with lunch and drink for August 1. Food contribution for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Swim stuff, boogie boards, layered clothing. Camping gear, tent, pad, flashlight, sleeping bag and a camp chair. Driver needed to bring gear. Signed Horse riding release form needed.
  • August 8 Summers’ End Pizza Party. Bring your family and Celebrate all the fun we had this summer by joining us at the Union Hotel in Occidental for Pizza. Dinner will be ordered at 7:30 p.m. (don’t be late!) We will return at 9 p.m. to Guerneville school. Please RSVP by July 30.
The registration form can be mailed to P.O. Box 325 Guerneville 9544, dropped off at our main office 16390 Main Street Guerneville,  or faxed to 823-1642 or scanned & emailed to