Charles “Gam” Caldwell, our SonomaWORKS Employment Specialist, works with referrals from the County, and with walk-in job seekers. Gam tells us there have been many successes in the Adult Employment department in 2019.

Gam says…

“There have been many successes in the Adult Employment department in 2019. Two people really stand out as examples of what can occur with determination and follow-through. Both of the people came into WCCS because they had been impacted by the recent fires and/or floods. Along with helping both people find stable places to live, we were able to help them secure full-time jobs.

One person landed a job in Guerneville at the Safeway. The other individual obtained a job at a local Home Depot.   

Another amazing sequence of events occurred at Park Village in Sebastopol. I was working with a person who had a Section 8 Voucher. I helped her acquire more hours at the place she was already working.  While doing that, we looked at houses and apartments in Sebastopol that accepted Section 8. This individual found a place, near her job and moved out of the trailer park with her daughter. Due to her leaving, space opened in the park and another person I had met who was in her 70’s and living south of the Fair Grounds in Santa Rosa in her trailer, was able to move into the newly vacated spot. She couldn’t be happier!  

Two other folks with whom I was working lived in Annapolis and Gualala, respectively. Both of them are in the SonomaWORKS program. They were expected to commute to Guerneville from their homes up the coast in order to participate in job search. On a good day, it could take 90 minutes in each direction. I was able to find one of these people a job in Timber Cove as a bartender. The other person has a teaching job in Annapolis that starts in August. For her, I found an agency in Annapolis that will allow her to volunteer for 25 hours per week until her job begins.”