For Sonoma County residents displaced by the fires and re-locating to West County, West County Community Services stands ready to provide the following support to our neighbors in need:

Mental Health and Emotional Support

Feelings of grief, guilt, and fear are common following a disaster. We can help. Families or individuals who will benefit from speaking to a counselor or mental health specialist can contact 707-823-1640 ext. 403.

Also, the Empowerment Center, located at 14520 Armstrong Woods Rd serves anyone 18+ in age who identifies him/herself as struggling with the quality of their lives due to emotional or behavioral challenges. A walk-in facility, the Empowerment Center is open Monday-Thursday, 12:00-4:30.

Crisis Financial Support

Residents needing one-time financial support for rent, deposit, car repair or other short-term needs that can be solved with a small cash infusion, please call 707-823-1640, ext. 404.

Supportive Services

Moving to a new place, even if only 15 miles away, can require adjusting to new services, caregivers, educational, recreational and health activities and more. West County Community Services can help you tie into a new network or expand your current one. Please contact 707-823-1640, ext. 403.

Senior Services

Seniors new to the lower Russian River are welcome to join our vibrant 60+ community at the Russian River Senior Center at 14520 Armstrong Woods Rd, Tuesday-Friday 9:00-3:00. We support all our seniors with recreational activities, food, health checks, loans of medical equipment, counseling and case management. You can reach the Center at 707-823-1640 ext. 403 or simply come to the center and join our community.

Seniors interested in receiving the support of a Senior Peer Counselor can call 707-823-1640 ext. 380. Senior Peer Counselors are volunteers trained to work with other seniors who are struggling with many types of life challenges.

Employment Services

WCCS provides employment services to youth and adults throughout West County. Job searching, resume writing, interview skill development, and other training is available to our new community members. We can offer assessments as to whether youth are eligible for our programs. Please call 707-823-1640, ext. 102.

Additional Resources

Housing Legal Assistance

Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller and Moskowitz, a Santa Rosa-based law firm is offering free assistance for insurance claims and home reconstruction contracts. WCCS Board President, Scott Lewis, is a partner in this firm. More details can be found in the link below or at 707-525-8800.